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Join our diversified professional team. We are recruiting for a passionate relocation team, interior design professionals, sales executives, and a housing team. As our demand grows, grow with us, here are Shifting and Moving Job Opportunities!

We proudly provide the right quality of service to our partners and staff. We recognize and appreciate all our staff. They are the reason for our mission.


Administrative: Join our management team.

Note: No opening at the moment.


Sales Executives: Be Part of our sales team.

Note: Two Open Position

  1. Sales Executives


  • Sales and Marketing Diploma and above
  • One year of experience in sales and marketing


Shifting and Moving Job Opportunities: Be part of our relocation team.

Note: Two Open Positions; Seven People & Opportunities

We are looking for professionals to join our relocation team. To works in the relocation department as:

  1. Loading, offloading, and house planning


  • Open to Fourth Form and above
  • A diploma in Property Management & Interior Design is an added advantage

2. Relocation Supervisors


  • College Diploma and above
  • Diploma in Property Management & Interior Design is an added advantage


Interior Design:  Interior Designing Professionals

Note: Three Open Opportunities

  1. Interior Designers


  • Diploma and above in Interior Design
  • Five years of experience in interior design
  • Established local Interior Designers have an added advantage


Real Estate: List your houses with us; One, Two, Three, Four bedrooms and Bungalows with us for renting. Join the housing team. We refer and move our growing clients to your houses. Write to us for a listing. Your listing increases Shifting and Moving Job Opportunities.


Application Procedure

These Shifting and Moving Job Opportunities are for everyone with a desire to grow their experience and network in this fast-growing industry.

We are Shifters & Movers, get a house, interior design, and move in with us! Get a Free Quote!

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