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Moving Blog

You deserve to know what is current, what is trending, and what is to come in the moving, housing, and interior design world. As a fast-growing moving company in Kenya, we come across great experiences that we use to keep you informed and entertained through our moving blog.

Through our juicy release, we will help you jump the handles of difficulty. We will be with you in the sweetness of moving. And on the other hand, we will help you celebrate the good things coming into your life. Our moving blog keeps you posted through the way.

Relocation Blogs

In our moving and relocations blogs, we write stories that relate to our experiences and what our clients go through. The shifting and relocation team come up with creative writings that each reader should use as a guiding weapon.

For example, our team has come across lots of people that have lost valuables through poor relocation services. Why would you not read such a great move to avoid losing your valuables? Here are examples of why you should use professional movers.

The relocation blogs come with tonnes of experiences and surprises that have taken us to the top of moving blogs in Kenya. In the recent past, we’ve come across divorcing couples because the mover stole the clients’ ring. For example, here is a juicy story of a client who momentarily lost his Italian wife because of a gift.

Some clients have ended up crying out of breakages. We hear and see sad stories from our clients. Therefore, we come to give you juicy knowhow and technics to keep you safe.

Similarly, we give you tips. Tips to help you move and relocate around when you do not have a good budget.

For example, see packing tips for kids. Such tips help you pack while relocating or moving around. Also, see juicy relocation blogs on professional technics to improve your home over the holiday. All these are great stories to keep you fit. Also, see some secrets to know before moving to your new house.

Housing Blogs

The housing blogs bring you great homes and housing solutions. We show you how to find a house, how to go about paying and moving in.

Our moving blog assists to move you from your old to your new house. Our housing team is doing all its best to discover great houses for you and give you tips in selecting the best house.

For example, our housing department gives you professional housing blogs with buttons to book a house at your comfort. Is that not a great solution to help you avoid moving from one estate to the other looking for a house?

Secondly, if it is about looking for a new house, we list both rental and for-sale houses, we write all that. You will not only rent but also buy if you are looking for a house to purchase.

By writing such housing blogs, our moving blog team ensures it delivers good quality pictures for you to see before buying or renting any house.

Some examples of good housing blogs are the best and affordable estates in Nairobi. Similarly, here is another housing story on how to find and rent a house. Therefore, all these are great juicy stories in our moving blog.

Interior Design Blogs

Shifters and Movers team comes with a professional interior design section. A section that gives you stories about interior design. The professional team of interior design fixes houses to great homes.

The team further converts offices to great boardrooms. Our team does and compile all these interior design concepts for you through our interior design blogs. However, we are not just here; we do it and keep you posted. The beauty of our shifting and moving blogs is that we write what we do.

We are professionals that do and write great stuff in our areas of specialization. Above all, this is a team of learned guys doing what they love and passionate about putting actions into words.

Have you seen shifting interior design blogs on the kitchen, table room, and ceiling designs?

Here we have some interior design blogs on Ceiling Designs, Belka Wall Designs, and Interior Design Elements. Moreover, we have juicy tips on interior planning. See a good tip to professional interior designers in Kenya, the best interior designs. Why not read and try to apply such tips in your home? We love it.

Our Prowess

Since we offer relocation, housing, and relocation services, we want you to join our team. We seek attitude and aptitude, we can always train skills. If you would want to feature in our moving blog, give us your story or invite us to offer any of our services, we will feature you here as the best of new makers.

Shifters and Movers will always move with the best. You are part of the great team. So let’s move your heart, move out the stress and move in the goodness of our service to you.

In conclusion, we are recruiting. We want the best team that will not only deliver but also enjoy their great careers with us. Here is how to become part of us.

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