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Shifters & Movers is a leading moving company in Kenya. We provide quality, valuable, and professional relocation, housing, and interior design services.

Our moving and professional relocation team is here to ensure you relocate and move swiftly and securely. In the same vein, the team report early in the morning, pack, seal, transport, unpack, arrange, and perfectly fit your new house professionally.

The dedicated housing team ensures you get your next desired house in your comfort. We look out for great and new rental and for-sale houses, list and offer them to you via our online housing system. You rent and buy at your comfort.

The professional interior design team provides the best, elegant, and seamless design to make your house a home. This team comes with personalized designs that meet the desires of your heart for maximum comfort. We say your home is your palace of beauty and elegance center of peace.

Through our quality services, we built the trust of our loyal customers and partners over time. Customers’ trust has significantly made us a leading moving company in Kenya with significant growth across the country.

Shifters and Movers LogoShifters and Mover’s transformational experience has led us to be the only shifting and moving company to offer you standard and premier relocation packages in Kenya.

We, therefore, understand all our client base and partner engagements for swift services with quality standards.

Shifters & Movers came to Kenya in the year 2017 to integrate the need for professional moving, housing, and proper interior design with our customers.

Quality Standards

To ensure you get the best services, all our moving staff are trained under the recruitment starter program because we want you to get the best standard of work.

Moreover, our management team, led by our able managing director, has worked in Jade All Movers Limited in the United States.

Certainly, such an experience makes you get the best management service in moving, housing, and interior design. That advantage also makes us the leading moving company in Kenya.

Technology Advantage

Similarly, we use modern and reliable packaging material for your relocation. Subsequently, these materials make your property safe during the relocation process.

Technologically, Shifters & Mover gives you the best house on our platform all in your comfort. You do not need to keep walking from house to house to get to your next house. Moreover, moving too much is expensive, tiring, makes you sweaty and dusty. We are here to help you avoid that.

Similarly, we are helping real estate managers and developers meet their house clients with ease right from their houses. However, we only list legally constructed and good quality houses to the advantage of our clients.

Our professional designers are also here to offer the latest interior designs for your new house. You will get your greatest design implemented properly and be guided perfectly. We are rapidly growing and so should you join us and grow along.


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Shifters and Movers Relocation Company


To provide valuable quality services in relocation, housing, and interior design.


To be a premium command in relocation, housing, and interior design service provider in East Africa.

Core Values

The following core values are our key guidelines and marks of quality from our staffs and team in quality delivery:

Professionalism | Quality | Trust | Responsible

Shifters and Movers Team

Shift Swiftly, Move Securely.

  • We are an affordable quality-based moving company in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Shifters & Movers do pack, unpack, rearrange, and arrange with quality care.
  • We are a renowned company that moves residential and commercial properties.
  • Safe do professional relocation of pets and aquariums
  • We mount Televisions on prior booking. See here
  • We’ve been voted the best relocation informer and blogger in Kenya. See our pieces.

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