Quality Mark Training Program

Shifters & Movers Starter Training program focuses on having professional Shifting and Moving People. The program introduces all our new staff to the core of our business. The fine training gives us a competitive moving team that provides reliable quality relocation services, housing, and interior design.

The business of quality standards. Apart from professional shifting services training, our housing and interior design departments receive more skills to ensure fine skills are evaluated for quality service delivery.

The four-week training program focuses on training our new members of staff on what we do, how we do it, and how to protect the interest of our clients and partners. The starter training program ensures we safeguard the quality and maintain professionalism at all times.

Similarly, the training trigger creativity in delivering quality relocation services to both our old and new staff members. This makes them be in a position to handle any strange property that lands on their hands.

Shifting and Moving PeopleThe Best Moving Team

Our starter training program touch on different property handling areas. Therefore, the property management course is vital in ensuring a service person performs the packing efficiently and within the shortest time possible. Moreover, with such training, each person knows what to perfectly put together while exposed to the delicacy of carriage.

Therefore, the starter training program was established to ensure our service to you is dominated by responsible Shifting and Moving People. And as our slogan says, we have to shift and move you swiftly and securely.

To affirm efficient delivery takes place after the training and during the moving process, the team supervisor has to write a report on every job upon completion. Therefore, we prepare all our staff to make a moving report for every task they take on a day to day basis. This training ensures our client gets what they pay for and the standards are equally upheld.

We are second to perfection, and progressive growth in quality is our main target. To this end, we will ensure you receive the best of what you deserve.

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