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Hillary Okemo July 12, 2021

You guys a awesome, I have noted your blogs are well structured for the reader.
I didn't know of estates in Nakuru, I want to buy a house there before the year ends.
Must promote you for my moving for the good guide.

Shifters & Movers July 13, 2021

Nakuru is great, in fact, houses will be more expensive over the coming years due to the accorded city status, so buy as soon as you can. We will be glad to move you, Hillary. Looking forward to this move. Always welcome.

Barrie Hazzard August 8, 2022

Are there tourist excursions that would give you a few days in all of the Cities you recommend ? Would it be possible to rent a Car? Which side of the road do you drive on?

Shifters & Movers August 11, 2022

Hi Barrie,

Yes, we have excursions in all these places we have listed for you. We can help you get a rental car with or without a driver. The driving side is on the left side of the road across Kenya.

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