nancykarib March 28, 2021

Great piece for me!!!

Shifters & Movers March 28, 2021

Glad you love it. We are always here to inform and keep you posted.

Mwoni Simon July 12, 2021

Quite comprehensive and great. You should be my house guide, moving to Nairobi next month.
Check your email please.

Shifters & Movers July 13, 2021

Appreciated Simon, we look forward to moving and settle you in Nairobi. Our guides will keep you posted. Karibu Sana to Kenya.

John Mark July 13, 2021

Kelvin from Shifters thank you for connecting my cousin to his new house. It was quite high than his budget but we thank God there was a run for the money, I hear the values keeps going high and high every time.

Shifters & Movers July 13, 2021

Thank you John, houses in Nairobi estates keep raising over the years. It could be expensive now, but it will be more expensive over time.
Feel much welcomed.

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