Our Shifting and Moving premier package involves the provision of premier relocation services that include doing all the packaging, loading, unpacking, and arranging. Moreover, the premier relocation services ensure you get a high standard touch of arrangements in line with our professional interior standards. Your word is final in ensuring your new house or office looks as per your desire. It’s an affordable moving package with major benefits including some wine. 

To meet the quality of our premier relocation services, we start by making a pre-visit to your house for standard and packaging assessment. We also do an online tour in place of the assessment previsit to make the process easy. After the evaluation, we take note of all the requirements to make your relocation and movement the best from preparation, planning to the final stage.

Premier Relocation Planning

In the planning stage, we offer you better alternatives that could lead to a whole house makeover from our interior design advisor. This stage is where most clients decide to go for a completely new interior design makeover of the house. Similarly, some people go for interior upgrades for their next new home.

This affordable moving package gives you an opportunity to get the best from all of our complementing services. However, upon selection of your final package from our advice, we book you and the team commences the work.

Relocation and Moving

On the set moving day, we come with our packing materials in preparation for packing every property in its packing box. After packing and sealing all the elements in your house, the team meticulously loads them in the moving van. Above all, the coordination ensures there is No chance of breakage or mishandling.

Surprisingly, our team ensures you get a free wine in this quality relocation and moving package. The wine gift gives you time to sit, relax, and enjoy our stress-free moving services through the process. 

After the moving team loads the van, our wine serving supervisor confirms the house is ready for relocation. Subsequently, the van checks out with the team into your next home. A well-monitored journey for proper delivery of your property. Certainly, the grand shifting and moving of your house make this relocation and moving package one of the safest shifting package across the region. 

The Grand Touch

Upon arrival in your new house, the supervisor confirms the house is set for a move in. The confirmation is done to ensure the house and design are well in place for moving in. This level of observation further ensures everything is up to your fulfillment.

After the affirmation, the team starts the offloading process of the property from the van to the new house. The same quality of loading keenly goes on to the offloading. The procedure followup assists to avoid last-minute mishandling. After offloading everything into your new house, the tInterior Design Styles in Kenyaeam moves in to unpack and settle everything into its order.

The last stage during the relocation is the arrangement stage. The arrangement follows our interior standards and in line with your interior plan. We, therefore, ensure your arrangement desire from the planning stage is great. That is why every staff in our company must undergo our starter training program to ensure interior planning and quality are unmatched.

In other words, the training gives us the best service team.

Final Premier Moving Touches

When the team finishes the whole moving process, the supervisor goes round to countercheck and affirm everything is good for your settlement. The counterchecking begins from the table room sets, bedroom placements, kitchen order, washrooms to the balcony among other rooms. The moving client holds the last word for the final handshake.

Finally, our shifting and moving premier package is a quality affordable moving package and for everyone. Moreover, everything is priced together in the same package and with no extra charges. Therefore, we ensure you are the boss that sits back and watch everything go on with a high touch of standards. The moving Premier package is not for the selected few but for everyone, Shifters and Movers personalize it for you.

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