Our Standard Moving Package offers you the best affordable relocation package. A professional moving team that offers the best and affordable relocation package. The reason this package is affordable is because of its accompanying services in relation to our premier moving package.

The standard moving package is preferred by people with packing time, packing boxes, and energy to pack their households. It is preferably for people with the most essentials resources for relocation.

Despite our high-end packaging standards, some people prefer to pack their household properties. Some people prefer to pack their few households by themselves to save a coin.

Therefore, in this affordable relocation package, you pack your household in your own packing materials. Our professional moving team comes to ease and executes the greater part of your moving.

Professional Moving

Our professional team of movers comes to load the households, offload and arrange your new house.

We also professionally help arrange your new house to perfection.

The does fix essential properties like the bed, beddings, curtains, cookers, computers among other electronics. We endeavor to make your new house as neat as possible.

Similarly, we go the extra mile and fix special properties like showerheads and television mounting to make you more comfortable.

Moving Package Advantage

Our team on request further help you personalize your new house with your preferred colors and designs.

The interior design professionals have lots of ideas that help you put the house according to our great interior design plans for free.

Therefore, the main difference between the premier packages and standard package is in packaging. In the standard package, you pack the households in your packing materials. This is the main factor that makes it an affordable relocation package.

Nevertheless, we offer free advice on how to pack some of the delicate properties that you may have never packed before. Especially the aquariums and glass materials that need tender care.

The Standard Moving Package is particularly for people with friends that can give a hand in packing the household. Moreover, you need to have some good time to pack.

Ensure you have good quality packing boxes and wrapping materials to reduce the chances of any breakage. All these efforts in this moving package are to ensure we cover clients of diverse budgets and interests. 

Shifters & Movers covers all people at their budget and ensures quality is kept at the same time in all our packages.

We are Shifters & Movers, so get a house here, interior design it here, and move in with us!

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